Fabric Punch Machine Drill Machine For Curtain Cloth Paper Pin 3-10mm

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  • Fabric Punch Machine Drill Machine For Curtain Cloth Paper Pin 3-10mm

  • Optional hollow drill pin with a diameter of 3mm-10mm;
  • Equipped with a movable positioning ruler;
  • Binding method: plastic screw binding; punching capacity of 300 sheets. Punching thickness: 3 cm

  • ◆The hole puncher is also equipped with drill bit lubricating candles and paper passing needles, which are not available in other punching machines of the same type. Candles and paper passing needles can make the life of the drill bit longer!
  • ◆The price of imported drill bits 3mm 4MM 5mm 6MM 7mm 8MM 9mm 10MM are the same

  • ◆◆Imported steel drill bits: both men and women can easily drill holes
  • ◆◆Plastic bag punching: not only the punching machine can only punch paper, but also PVC-PP plastic bags can easily punch holes.
  • ◆◆Fabric punching: not only the punching machine can only punch paper, but also non-woven fabrics can easily punch holes.
  • Dear, do you know which products can be punched with a punch?
  • 1: Ordinary paper punching
  • 2: Tag punching
  • 3: Bookmark punch
  • 4: Financial binding and punching
  • 5: Fabric punching
  • 6: Recipe punch
  • 7: Plastic bag punching
  • Important reminder: This product is equipped with imported steel special drill bits, it is easier to hit plastic bags and cloth with thickened wall tubes

  • 【HOW-TO-ORDER CUSTOMIZE SIZES】: (1 inch =0.0254 m)
  • Please tell you favorite pin size and how many pieces need to order ??    Thank you.
  • Contact us for more discount for bulk quantity.

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【Instructions for the use of drill】

1. When the drill bit is used, the paper should be placed neatly and smoothly, and should not be bent or uneven. When the machine is in motion, pay attention to checking the coordination and lubrication of other parts in the machine. When the paper is not properly placed or the coordination or lubrication of other parts of the machine is not good, it is easy to block the needle, break the needle or cause the product to fail. In addition, when drilling, the holes that have been punched must not be repeated again, otherwise, the drilling will not be round, and the needle will be blocked or broken due to the skew of paper scraps.

2. Speed ​​of use: ①Due to the size of the pinhole, the smaller the pinhole, the slower the progress of the pressing bar should be. ②The pressing speed of the pressing bar must be kept at a constant speed, not too fast or too slow. When the speed is too fast, the drill bit is forced to break and the needle is easy to break; when it is too slow, it is easy to zoom the paper. ③The smaller the distance between the two holes to be drilled, the slower the speed. ④When the drill bit is working, it can't stop halfway, so that the drilling waste can be completely discharged. In addition, pay attention to replacing the drill bit in time after a few hours of continuous use to prevent the drill bit from continuing to work under fatigue. 3. If the drilling material is peritoneum or glazing paper, when drilling, the time difference between replacing the paper to be drilled should not be too long, nor should the drill bit be cooled before drilling: because the drill bit is The oil will condense in the pinhole, which will cause difficulty in discharging. In order to prevent the needle from clogging, offset paper must be used as the drilling material to remove the waste remaining in the hole, which is particularly important to complete before the drill needle rests.

4. The total thickness of the paper to be drilled: It depends on the length of the drill pin and the material of the drilled paper. They are: the total thickness of the offset paper should be 80% of the needle length, the coated paper or base paper should be 60%, and the peritoneum or glazing paper should be less than 40%. 5. No lubricants should be used on the drill pins to prevent the discharge of drilling waste. (It is best to use candles as a lubricant). If there is noise when the drill bit is in use, and it is blocked again, it can be rubbed on the needle hole with a candle. Because the drill bit will heat up when working, the candle will melt and flow upwards in the needle tube. At the same time, the drilling waste will also be with the candle oil (Note: This method is only used when the drill bit is hot or hot).

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