Venus Horizontal Sheer Shades Silhouette Shades Shangrila Roller Blinds Custom Made 2'' Light Filtering Fabric S1/6

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  • W 50 - H 180 cm
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  • W 150 - H 180 cm
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Shangrila Soft Horizontal Roller Shades

Shangrila Horizontal Sheer Shades also known as window shadings, are made with two sheer fabric facings over soft fabric horizontal vanes.Our window shadings combine the elegance and unique look of a soft sheer shade allowing the light to gently filter into the room, with the functionality of a horizontal blind that offers complete privacy and light control.A single continuous cord loop control will tilt the vanes open or closed and when the shade is raised, it disappears neatly inside the color coordinated headrail.

Manual Cord control or Electric remote control options.

Shopping Guide:

1. The Standard size ball chain is on right side. If you want the ball chain on left side, please leave message to us.
  • 2. Measure tips : 
  • We make blinds wide included left / right brackets up total wide...  
  • We make blinds height included top brackets and bottom rail up total height ... 
  • Please tell us your roller blinds size( we produce the blinds size exactly as you leave us)
  • 3. The maximum width to Russian is 180cm including package.

【FABRIC】Polyester/Coton/Linen Material, (Light filtering) Blocking sunlight but keep bright.Triple Sheer Shades Fabric. KARLLEO Manual/Motorized Blackout Shangrila Roller Blinds Venus Shades Horizontal Sheer Silhouette Triple Fabric
【FRAME】Aluminium Material, White Color

【HOW-TO-ORDER】Customize Size: W/( 10''-110'') / H (10''-118'')inch,Width (25-300cm),Height (25-350cm) Please tell:
⭐Product name or(link)* Quantity * Width * Height * Color *Control(Manual or Electric)
⭐Installation ?  Inside (deepth : 2.5inch - 3inch ) or Outside、
mail :
Skype: homelle-dec
Phone/WhatsApp: +8613549294924

【MEASUREMENT】We make finished blinds included all components(frame,fabric,even install brackets)assembled finished product on to your provided size.(tolerance 1/4 inch more or less due to all sizes are customized).⭐INSIDE MOUNT MEASUREMENT (deepth :3inch ),⭐OUTSIDE MOUNT MEASUREMENT (add at least 5inch on width/Length)
【SHIPPING】 ✔️Production time:1-7 days,✔️Delivery Time 1-2weeks delivery to North America by fast courier DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT 
【FEEDBACK】Our goal is 100% positive feedback and 100% customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important to us. Please leave us a positive feedback and 5 stars if you are satisfied. We will appreciate it very much. If you are not happy, Please contact us before leaving a Negative/bad feedback, contact with our customer service. we can solve all the problems for you. we'll offer you excellent after-sale service.

Brand Name:
Model :
Shangrila Soft Horizontal Roller Shades S168
Custom Made:
Size | Color | (finished product)
1set custom made different sizes
Control Options:
Manual (Bead Rope) | Electric (Remote control)
Shading rate:
Installation Type:
Ceiling | Exterior
Delivery Time:
1-7day on production
Film bag/box inside,box outside
Recent Reviews ( 5 )
I love these blinds! I was hesitant at first to order these sight unseen but after reading other reviews, I decided to go ahead and take a chance. I’m so glad I did! The only thing I would do differently is follow their measuring instructions more closely. I was nervous they wouldn’t fit so I subtracted a quarter of an inch from the width on each window on my order. I wish I hadn’t done that because they adjust the size when you give them your EXACT measurements. Mine are fine but they would have fit a little closer to the window edge had I followed the seller instructions. Also, the remote I ordered was broken when it arrived so I emailed the seller. I got a very prompt reply and a new remote was shipped right away. I plan to order more blinds for the rest of my house!
We saved so much by ordering these instead of having a company install them. Just 4 screws per window. They are beautiful and very high end material. So far we’ve installed 18 of them. 35 more to go.
I really don’t know what else to say except I love them. I mean I really love them. I install med the brackets myself. My husband came home from work & helped me snap them in place. I would definitely buy them again. Don’t forget you have to check your email to sign off approval of the measurements before they make them. I didn’t have a question & received a response in less than 24 hours so I was pleased. I did purchase the 5 year warranty just in case.
Love my new motorized window shades. I was quite apprehensive ordering a product from presumable China. The company was responsive to custom measurements and it came in record less than 2 weeks! I was so surprised and thrilled to get them up. I operate them everyday in the vaulted window above my entry! Be sure to charge the battery prior to installing. I've been raising and lowering mine for about a month now and haven't noticed any diminished battery issues. I had the handyman that installed them run the charging cord down along the side of the window so that when it's time to charge it I don't have go up a 15 foot ladder...only 8 feet which I'm comfortable with.
Perfect A++